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Wedding Decor | Drape | Centerpieces

Aardvark Entertainment boasts stunning collections of custom designs and wedding decor! From ottomans to pathway lights, classic to chic, the options are endless.

Wedding Drapes | Drapery

Whether it's to hide an ugly wall, create a dramatic entrance, lounge, or soften a room, the options are endless. Aardvark Entertainment specializes in flowing draping, velvets, and custom fabric, along with spandex for a modern feel.

All of our event drapery is inherently flame retardant, a requirement of many larger venues. Even if you are looking for something that we don't have, we can always make custom event drapery to your taste. We also own the telescopic hardware and equipment required to properly hang your event draping with heights up to 14ft and above.

Ceremony Decor

From simple flower peddles to a beautiful gazebo. We have lots of beautiful items to choose from.

Reception Decor | Centerpieces

Choose from simple to fabulous. We have plenty of designs to choose from in our inventory. Many are avaliable to rent, some are exclusive to our clients who use our venue. Come see the designs at our showroom (coming in July, 2012)

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