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Staging and Production

Aardvark focuses on every detail of your presentation and works with you to determine the message you want to convey. Our industry-trained staff then designs a system that helps you communicate that message in the most effective way possible. Our staging solutions include audio systems, video systems, projectors, and lighting packages engineered to correspond with the unique aspects of the content and the venue. We aim to ensure that every attendee experiences clarity of sound and image.

Production Coordination

Our highly trained, experienced production coordination tech team collaborates closely with our clients to assess their needs, make all arrangements for equipment and labor, and ensure live events and productions are executed properly.

Projection and Display

We use top of the line projection and display equipment, only the highest-quality cable, line amplifiers for video and computer signals, ground loop isolation and hum eliminators, proper interfacing, and only the best signal processing.


We provide high-tech sound systems for rooms of any size from small rooms all the way up to large venues.


We provide a wide variety of conventional and intelligent lighting, from simple stage lighting to customized lighting that includes company logos, energy efficient, moving backgrounds, green technology, and much more.


We provide scenery, drapery, props, and other stage décor that can add an impressive visual element to your event.

We go to great lengths to provide a stress-free service to our customers. We work with our sister company Center Stage Pro to provide you with the best solutions. Our goal is to enable you to focus on the event, not on the details of its production. Our talented, dedicated staff is committed to making your event a success.