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Murder Mystery Events

A Totally Interactive 3hrs of Entertainment, Murder Mystery Events encourage team work, deduction, analysis and listening - but most of all they are a whole lot of fun!

You know what you want from team building. You want to boost staff morale, increase productivity and create a team that cares for each other, the standard of their work, and your customers.

Aardvark’s Murder Mystery events are perfect for team building because they address each of these areas in a creative and fun way.

Your Aardvark Entertainment Murder Mystery Event is:

  • Totally interactive
  • Fully Themed
  • 1.5 hours of Interactive Entertainment
  • Hosted by Professional Fully Costumed Entertainers
  • Available through out Idaho and surrounding States

Your staff and participants are in safe hands

Aardvark’s Murder Mystery events are genuinely fun. They are run by dedicated professionals who have years of experience in performing in venues across Idaho. None of your staff or participants will ever be made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. The comedy is created by the characters and the situation and your staff are free to engage at a level they feel comfortable with.

Give your team the most creative and popular boost on offer.

Murder Mystery team building parties can be organized for Idaho events to: Heighten Staff Morale

Offer your staff a superb entertainment event – they will know how much you appreciate them Give them a creative task to solve together, confidence and morale will soar. It is essential for staff to take breaks from routine and to exercise different parts of their minds and creativity. A Murder Mystery event is like a detox for the workplace – the complete change in mindset refreshes and invigorates.

A Team That Cares It’s amazing how impassioned even the mildest staff members get when it comes to solving a mystery. By removing the pressure of daily expectations you give your team the chance to reinvent how they relate to each other and to their work.