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DVD Photo Montage/Slide Show

Video Montage

A "DVD Photo Montage” is simply another name for what we refer to as a DVD Slide Show. You might also hear them referred to as picture slideshow, photo slide show, photo memories DVD, video slide show, wedding montage, wedding slide show, etc… But they're all basically the same thing.

A Photo Montage tells a very personal story, combining two powerful mediums of photography and sound to a third: a video program. The result, on DVD, will not only celebrate a special occasion, but becomes an enduring portrait of a person, a couple, a family, a trip, or any important moment in time.

You are the creator and storyteller of this special montage. It’s our job to take the photos you choose, the selected music, the mood you want to create, and the story you want to tell and weave it together into a professional video production that will be the highlight of any occasion.

A Wedding Photo Montage/Slideshow can tell a story your guests will truly enjoy.

Perhaps you’re having a wedding and would like a wedding slideshow to be shown at the reception. Many couples choose this to show pictures of the couple growing up and pictures of them together. With our Photo Video Montages, you will get more than a slide show; you will see your life story fold out in front of you with your photographs and choice of music.

We go the extra mile that it requires to create a memorable and heartfelt photo montage for you. We capture your photos, and then animate them into a riveting final production, packaged in a keepsake DVD that will be enjoyed time and time again.

Our package includes the following:

  • Up to 100 Digital Photos (must be provided photo ready in a DVD or Flash Drive)
  • Panning and zooming
  • Transitions between images
  • Titles and captions
  • Custom DVD


Photo Scanning is $1.50 per photo.