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Custom Gobo Monogram

Put Your Name Up In Lights and Personalize your event decor in a spectacular fashion. Your guests will be impressed!

Wedding Events:

You are the masterpiece and lighting is the frame to complete the picture!

Enhance your Special Event and Formal location by projecting your gobo image. Put Your Name in Light on the Dance Floor, Wall, or Ceiling at your Wedding Reception. We will help you create memorable custom wedding gobos.

Personalize your wedding reception by displaying your name and wedding date in lights. Personalizing your custom gobo can be done in three easy steps.

  • Select a layout (wedding/monogram number)
  • Select a font (using the font number)
  • Supply the details (names, dates, fixtures, and quantity)


Display your customized gobo design with the ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal projection system. This gobo lighting fixture is a state-of-the-art quality high end gobo projection unit that projects patterns of light onto floors and walls.

Design/Pattern Gobos

Patterns can assist you in transforming an event space by providing texturizing, camouflaging, and more. Standard patterns are stationary projections on a wall, ceiling, or floor. Moving patterns, on the other hands, can also be projected in the same areas but in such a way that the pattern comes to life.

Aardvark's lighting designer will assist you in choosing the optimal pattern(s) for your overall event theme. Maybe you would like cover the back wall of your stage with a pattern or camouflage an airwall in your hotel ballroom to make it look decorative? Or perhaps you would like to cover your dance floor in vines, leaves, swirls, or damask? The options are unlimited and Intelligent Lighting Design assists you step-by-step.