Get Your Party Started Derby Horseracing

Video Horse Racing

Live Race Call - BIG screen - Professional Entertainers

Complete race day experience with authentic horse races and a live caller including personalized funny money. Name your own horses after company members or clients for an extra laugh!

...And they’re off and racing!

Invite "Lou Zitall" or "Robin.U.Blind" to give the odds, call the “live telecast” of the races and of course collect the money. With funny money, bookie bags and all the trimmings - these shady yet strangely endearing characters will have your guests interacting with each other against the backdrop of this iconic American pastime.

See the Fillies at their best This totally interactive fully themed entertainment package will ensure all your guests are absorbed in the fun of the race track and enthusiastically placing bets on the horses and each other!

Break the ice, exercise healthy competition and get your team or clients engaged in lateral and creative ways in a perfectly safe and fun filled environment.

Package includes:

  • Personalized racing program
  • Live calling of the races - telecast on the BIG screen!
  • Personalization of horses names (why not name your horse after the boss?)
  • Personalized play money (branded with company logo etc.)
  • Fully costumed professional entertainers (Bookies)
  • Race theme Decor and Props
  • *extra games prizes and awards are available on request